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100+ Best Lord Ganesh Ji Free HD Wallpapers – India is the most ancient god. In the Rig Veda the word Ganapati has come. This is also mentioned in the Yajurveda. In many mythologies, Ganesh’s scorn is described. In Hindu mythology, Ganesha is the important place of Lord Shiva as a god of the family. Before every auspicious work, Ganesha is worshiped. Since Ganesh received this place, many opinions are prevailing in this regard.

The story of Ganesh Ji
Many narratives have been described in connection with Ganesha in the Puranas. According to one, the head of Shiva Ganesh was burned by the sight of Saturn. Brahma said sadly, Parvati said, “Let her head first come to Ganesha’s head. The child of the first head elephant was found. Thus Ganesha became ‘Gajanan’. According to the second leg, Parvati started bathing Ganesha on the door. In this, Shiva came and entered the temple of Parvati.

When Ganesh stopped him, angry Siva cut his head. In relation to having a dental, the story gets that Shiva and Parvati were in their bedroom and Ganesha was sitting at the door. In so many Parshuram came and urged to meet Shiva at the same time. When Ganesh stopped, Parshuram broke his teeth with his fists. According to one, in the primitive period, any yogic monster used to grieve people. It was necessary to adapt the tasks to complete smoothness. Therefore, he started worshiping and in the end it is called Vignaneshwar or Vighana Vinayak.

Those scholars, who consider Ganesha as an orthodox goddess, enter the Arya Dev family later, according to them, according to him, the worship of elephants in the Aryaratar Gana was in vogue. This started the formation and worship of Gajabadan Ganesha. It is also said that Ganesha was anointed with the blood of the Aryan race as a village god. After joining the Arya Dev Mandal, it is a symbol of this vermilion. Based on the spirit of Ganapati in the early republics, Ganapati’s imagination in the Devandal is also considered as a cause.

As per the norm
According to religious belief, Ganesha holds the highest position in the Hindu religion. In all the gods their worship is first of all. Shri Ganesh ji is the Vigna Vinayak. Bhadrapad Shukla Chaturthi was born on the eve of Ganesh Ji. These are the other sons of Shiva and Parvati. The nature of Lord Ganesha is very handsome and enjoyable. He is one-toothed and four-armed.

In their four hands, they wear loop, curb, beard and wind moon, respectively. He is red-colored, large stomached, large eared and wearing yellow clothes. They hold blood moonlight and they are especially beloved flowers of the bloodstream. They are very pleased with their worshipers and fulfill all their wishes. In one form, Lord Shri Ganesha is the son of Uma-Maheshwar. He is the first to be worshipped, the head of the Gana army, and auspicious.

Infinite name
The following twelve names are very famous. Reading or listening to these names, there is no hindrance in traveling through Vidyarambh, marriage, entry into the cities and travel from home town.

  • Pleasant
  • One and a half
  • Kapil
  • Gazakarnak
  • Lambador
  • Inclement
  • Antidepressant
  • Vinayak
  • Comet
  • Gubernatorial
  • Bhalchandra
  • Vignaraj
  • Dwamatur
  • Ganadip
  • Herb
  • Gajanan

Description in Puranas

  • In the scriptures and mythology, lion, peacock and rat have been described as Ganesha’s vehicle. The sports block in Ganesh Purana – mentions that: 
  • Ganesha’s vehicle is a lion in the Sat Yuga. They are ten-armed, fast-paced and all-over-themed and their name is Vinayak.
  • In the Treta era, his vehicle is Peacock, the description is white and in all three places he is famous by the name of Mayureshwar and with six arms.
  • His character is red in Dwapar era. They are four arms and ambulance vehicles and are famous as Gajanan.
  • He is assumed the smoke colour in the Kaliyug. They keep on horseback, they have two hands and their name is Dhoomkate.
  • Modakri Shrignesh ji is pleased with the Giver of wisdom and all the accomplishments and a little worship. His chant’s mantra is Gan Ganpatya Namah.

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